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November 12, 2016


‘sometimes, a hug is all we need’ by J3SSL33 via

Facebook post at 9:09 am on Tuesday, November 8

I voted. If you can vote, you should vote. Don’t waste this chance. Please, I don’t know how to be more straightforward than this. I don’t know how to convince you if you weren’t planning to vote. Just do it because I asked and because a lot of other people are asking. Go vote. Thanks!

Facebook post at 9:32 pm on Tuesday, November 8

Stay calm everyone

Facebook post at 7:04 am on Wednesday, November 9

This morning I am thinking of the three hallmarks of existence: dukkha (suffering), anatta (non-self), and anicca (impermanence). I can’t help but think on a day like today that last one is supremely good news. Changes comes to our joys and sorrows alike.

Today please remember that suffering begets suffering. Hurt people hurt people. Hate doesn’t end by hate. Only by love alone, can hate be quelled. Love yourself. Love one another. Love people who voted the other way. Love the world and do what good you can with what you have.

It may be too soon for some people to love. It’s okay to be sad, angry, enraged, disappointed, frustrated, shocked, but please do not hate. Hold out against hate. Conquer hate with love and look with eyes of compassion on your fellow Americans. We’re all going to need lots of compassion if we’re going to heal so much hate. I love you.

Facebook post at 8:07 am on Wednesday, November 9

If you need to talk, the campus chaplain will be available this afternoon. I will be in my office (AD139, across from Marketing) from 1:00 pm onward.

Facebook post at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, November 9 (longest post I’ve ever written)

To my friends who voted for Trump,

No, I will not unfriend you. I hope you will not unfriend me. I understand that many friends and families are breaking apart as a result of this election. I respect people’s decisions about who they associate with and understand that a decision to disassociate can be a powerful step towards self-care and away from damaging relationships. That said, I hope we can remain friends.

Please understand that I have other friends who are terrified right now. Not upset, not sad, not angry (although those too), but TERRIFIED. They are afraid not for their jobs or their laws, but for their very lives and the lives of their families. These are people who are already disproportionately targeted for violence and discrimination on the basis of their skin color, religion, gender, orientation, or immigration status. Many have already been physically attacked at least once in their lives and all have lived with the financial and social damage caused by systemic discrimination. Please help me PROTECT THEM.

The president-elect and many members of the congress-elect will not protect them. They have vowed NOT to protect them. They have advocated for more physical violence against them (people of color, LGBTQ, Muslims, women, and others who disagree with their policies) and more systemic discrimination through laws, executive orders, and law enforcement processes. Instances of hate-crimes have already been reported, less than 24 hours after the election. After the Brexit vote, hate-crimes rose in Britain. Please don’t let that be America.

Please do not resort to violence. Please intervene (safely, if possible) when you see it happening. Please tell others using hateful rhetoric or advocating violence to stop. Please tell others using racist, misogynistic, or xenophobic language to stop. Please tell others insulting entire groups of people based on their color, religion, gender, orientation, or immigration status to stop. Do not advocate for hate.

Students at my school are terrified that their families will be broken apart. They are afraid to travel outside of California for fear that they will be physically attacked for the color of their skin. They are afraid they will lose their health care and die of treatable diseases or injuries. They are worried they won’t be able to get good jobs. They are afraid of being sexually assaulted. They are afraid to let anyone know they aren’t Christian.

When our government proposes immigration reform, which they will, please remember the families that could be torn apart. When our government proposes health care reform, which they will, please remember that people without insurance DIE because they are denied treatment. When our government proposes environmental deregulation, which they will, please remember that environmental degradation kills humans as well as animals and plants. When our government proposes economic reform, which they will, please remember that my students just want to work at jobs where they are safe, productive, and can’t get fired based on who they love in their own home.

I’m not trying to guilt trip you. I’m trying to explain why my friends who did not vote for Trump are terrified right now. I’m asking you to remember them, care for them, love them, and remind our elected leaders to do the same, even if we disagree. I know you have that capacity. That’s why we’re friends. Thank you.

I later changed this post’s settings to public when people started sharing it.

Facebook post at 11:51 am on Thursday, November 10

Community gathering for blessing and healing in Locke Hall in 10 minutes

Facebook post at 1:28 pm on Thursday, November 10

Please don’t shame others for being afraid or traumatized by this election. Their lives, freedoms, and families are literally at stake. Hate crimes and explicit racism are already up. Suicide hotlines are overwhelmed. Deportation is a real threat. Please don’t expect everyone to be okay with this or go back to normal the next day. Have compassion. Show love. Thank you.

Facebook post at 5:38 am on Friday, November 11 (in relation to an article about increasing racial, sexual, and religious discrimination, harassment, and hate crimes)

Please do not let this be the new America. If you have privilege, I am personally asking you to intervene. Please tell people this is not okay and protect people being threatened. If you have white privilege, male privilege, cis privilege, hetero privilege, able-bodied privilege, citizenship, class privilege, or education, please use that privilege to protect the targets of hate and violence. Please google “bystander intervention” and learn how to do so as safely and effectively as possible. Please report people who engage in this activities to police, teachers, and employers. Don’t let it proliferate. It’s not okay. (PS – You know you have privilege if this has never happened to you or you could never imagine it happening to you. If you are not afraid, you have privilege.)

I think that’s all I have to say right now. I’m sorry if it’s redundant for my friends who follow on Facebook. I’m usually not so politically active on Facebook, but this is important. There were other posts, shares, and announcements, but I’ve omitted them. This is the important thing. Love is the important thing. Peace is the important thing. In all thoughts, words, and deeds may you alleviate suffering, your own and others, and not perpetuate it.

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  1. November 12, 2016 4:07 pm

    Thank you. Now, more than ever, your service is needed. Sabbe satta sabba dukkha pamuccantu!

  2. November 12, 2016 8:41 pm

    Day Four of President Elect Trump:
    Have to boil my own pee for drinking water.
    Electricity intermittent, will lose internet soon.
    Food running low, will attempt a robbery tomorrow.
    Gas in short supply, tied up my neighbor and his dog to steal his gas supply.
    Saw a 9th grader eat a 1st grader alive, he will be missed.
    Not sure how long we can last, law enforcement at the door, want my guns and ammo, will keep you posted on how thaat gfg^YIUB* oihjkildsfgno[ wikfnm sgu78437n ldfvcxszffffffffffffffffffnbhloo d nmgsol s sf

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