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Person to Person Aid for Nepal

May 6, 2015
Deepak's house in Nepal, or what is left of it. Photo from Khim Berling's Facebook feed.

Deepak’s house in Nepal, or what is left of it. Photo from Khim Berling’s Facebook feed.

On April 25, 2015, the isolated Himalayan country of Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by over 100 aftershocks, some above 6.0 in magnitude. As you can imagine, the people of Nepal are devastated. Thousands are dead. Thousands more are homeless and already suffering from disease and deprivation. Buildings have been reduced to piles of rubble. Children have lost their families. Dysentery and other diseases are already spreading. And monsoon season is coming.

There are many ways you can help, but I want to talk about just one: Nepal Earthquake Crisis GoFundMe campaign of Dr. Khim Berling in support of her many friends in Nepal. What is significant about this campaign and others like it, is that they use the internet to support person to person aid. Dr. Berling is not an NGO or non-profit. She is my friend and a Buddhist studies scholar who has spent time in Nepal. The money she is raising isn’t going into a charity bank account, but rather directly to several Nepali citizens on the ground trying to save the lives of their families and neighbors. What you donate today could buy antibiotics tomorrow. This is the kind of person to person aid the internet has once again made possible.

Let me share a little bit about what is happening from Dr. Berling’s updates:

Nabin Tamang in Hardiwar: There are un-cremated deceased people and animals decaying in the rubble. Many people are in tents outside this rubble. Nabin says the smell of death is quite intense. The RedCross is requiring a signature from local authorities for more tents. All the homes are uninhabitable and there is a VERY serious lack of clean food and water. Many people are already having diarrhea which is one of the leading causes of death in Nepal. There is a place that Nabin can travel to and get some supplies. Your donation could make a big difference in the life of this wonderful man and his family.

Raju Deepak Shrestha in Chitwan: Their houses only have medium damage. They have some access to basic necessities, but their supplies are inconsistent. Raju has FOUND a GROUP of HOMELESS CHILDREN. They have NO HOME or FAMILIES ANYMORE. Raju is going to try to get them to an ngo (a nonprofit) in Nepal.

These are just two of the four families that Dr. Berling is helping with her GoFundMe campaign. She has already distributed most of the money that has come in and is trying to raise another $1000 (to reach $3000 total) by Sunday in order to purchase antibiotics and clean drinking water. If you feel moved, please consider donating a few dollars.

If you prefer to donate to a registered non-profit charity or NGO, Buddhist Global Relief, while not on the ground in Nepal, has created a list of reputable organizations that are already providing relief there. They are all good people.

Dr. Berling (center back with shaved head) with her friends in Nepal before the earthquake.

Dr. Berling (center back with shaved head) with her friends in Nepal before the earthquake.

You don’t know Dr. Berling. You don’t even really know me. I have no idea what the tax benefits are (probably none) of donating to such a campaign. However, I do know that every penny I donate goes directly to good people in desperate need in Nepal with a matter of hours or days. Help us help our brothers and sisters in Nepal. Please.

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