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To My Followers – Share the Word

September 15, 2013
'Sharing is Caring'  by Niklas Wikström via

‘Sharing is Caring’ by Niklas Wikström via

Dear Followers,

That sounds so strange, doesn’t it? I have ‘followers?’ Like I’m some sort of cult leader. When did that happen? Anyway…

My Dear Followers (aka you kind souls who subscribe to my blog via WordPress),

If you could please help me spread the word about my fundraising campaign, that would be awesome! I know most of you out there in the blogosphere have probably never been to University of the West or met a Buddhist chaplain. But if you just happen to thing that having Buddhist chaplains in the world is a good idea, I’d really appreciate it if you could help support me and, in the future, the profession of Buddhist chaplaincy, but sharing the link below. I’m raising funds to help pay for a clinical chaplaincy internship at UWest where I’ll provide spiritual care to other Buddhist chaplains-in-training and, hopefully, next year one of them can take on this same role and get some clinical training of their own.

Support at Buddhist Chaplain

If you have a blog, Facebook page, or other online or offline medium, please consider sharing the above link. I’d truly appreciate it! Thanks!


Monica Sanford, Dharma Cowgirl, (Your Benevolent Cult Leader)

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