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Obligatory Cute Kitty Pics (& Money Update)

February 12, 2013

As we all know, the Internet was invented by cats, for cats.  Therefore, please enjoy the obligatory cute kitty photos.

The kittens mother, still at large.  Photo by Colin McIllece.

The kittens mother, still at large. Photo by Colin McIllece.

Also, please find here an update on how your generous donations have been spent.  Thank you so much for supporting me in this project!  Of the original pledges, I received all of them, totaling over $900!!! Sadly, I have about $60 remaining, or enough for one more cat.  I know there is more than one cat left out there, though.  In fact, I can identify four off the top of my head who remain at large. I’ll be trapping two one Thursday.  So I could use your help again.  Please use Paypal to send funds to, if you’d like to help.  Without more donations, I shall soon have to end my feral cat project.

Amount              Paid To Date      Note

60.84                    Balance                2/12/2013            as of

50.00                    Donation             2/8/2013              in person donation

(55.29)                 Petsmart             2/7/2013              food

(63.00)                 SNPLA Clinic       2/7/2013           fix & vaccinate Ocho, vaccinate Cinco/Siete

(50.10)                 Petsmart             2/4/2013              food, clip-on food dishes for kennels, washable pad

(10.03)                 Mobil                    2/1/2013              gas for borrowed car

(96.00)                 SNPLA Clinic       1/31/2013          fix & vaccinate Cinco and Seis

(10.08)                 Mobil                    1/31/2013            gas for borrowed car

273.63                 Paypal                   1/31/2013            donations for feral cats from blog readers & friends

(96.90)                 Amazon               1/24/2013            recovery kennel

(48.00)                 SNPLA Clinic       1/24/2013          fix & vaccinate Quatro

(48.00)                 SNPLA Clinic       1/17/2013          fix & vaccinate Tres

500.00                 Donation             1/17/2013            in person donation

(46.76)                 Petsmart             1/16/2013             food

(185.00)               SNPLA Clinic       1/9/2013             fix, vaccinate, de-worm, & flea-treat Uno & Dos

(100.00)               Petsmart             1/4/2013              recovery cage for kittens, food

100.00                 Donation             1/4/2013              in person donation

(53.63)                 Amazon               1/3/2013              Havahart cat trap

Ocho on her way to the clinic.  Photo by Monica Sanford.

Ocho on her way to the clinic. Photo by Monica Sanford.

I have been making the trip to the clinic in Pico Rivera once a week, usually with two cats n cloth-covered traps.  My next appointment is on Thursday. I’m hoping for Nueve and Diez, whoever they turn out to be.  They’ve gotten used to me at the clinic.

“We think that’s so interesting,” the receptionist told me the last time I came in.  “We’ve never seen anyone name them like that before.”

“Really?  It’s a good way for me to keep track, but when I get to ten, I’m going to have to pick a new language, ’cause that’s about all the Spanish I know.”

“Oh, I’ll help you,” she assured me.  Several of the receptionists there are bilingual so they can help the Hispanic families in the neighborhood.

Dos hiding in my laundry pile.  Photo by Monica Sanford.

Dos hiding in my laundry pile. Photo by Monica Sanford.

Two weeks ago, a little chihuahua made a break for it while a larger dog was being dragged in by his harness.  I was lucky to have my friend Alan there with me, so I left him with the forms and went after the little dude.  Me and another young man from the clinic chased him over a mile, including down a busy street with no sidewalk, waving off traffic to slow them down.  I got close once, close enough to read the name “Bruno” on his paper collar, but he wasn’t into being caught.  Finally we chased him into a quiet residential neighborhood where we lost him.  I gave up and headed back to the clinic to tell the receptionists where he’d last been seen.  I still don’t know what happened to him.

The cats have been luckier, because they only leave their traps after they’ve been anesthetized.  The first were the kittens.  Dos was adopted and Uno is now fostering with me (much to the hissing, growling dismay of my cat Isis) until he can move in with his new parents.  Their sister, who I’ve named “Skeptic,” remains elusive.  Shortly after the kittens’ capture, a friend lent me a second trap.  Tres is as much a fixture as she ever was, though she’s less symmetrical now with her ear-notch and cheek scar.  Quatro was a scarred male I had to release early.  I watched in comic horror as he staggered frantically for the bushes still under the effects of the anesthesia.  Then I went on Amazon and ordered a second recovery kennel.  The next week I caught Cinco and Seis.  The former proved a spry young lady who defeated all my attempts to get her from trap to kennel successfully.  The later was a calm boy who I kept for almost a week in hopes of finding him an adoptive or foster home, but finally released in resignation.  Last week, I thought I was taking in Siete and Ocho, but Siete turned out to be Cinco.  In the dim pre-dawn, the twisting, hissing cat beneath my flashlight beam managed to hide her ear-notch, so she got to go for a car ride and get another shot of vaccine.  No harm done.  I’ll have to be more vigilant in the future.  I perfected my trap to kennel transfer technique with Ocho, who spent a quiet night in the carport before her release.  I’ve finally got a someone smooth operation going, but I need your help to keep it running.

Uno, just chillin.' Photo by Jason Kosareff.

Uno, just chillin.’ Photo by Jason Kosareff.

If you would still like to make a donation, please send funds to using Paypal.  It’s very simple, safe, and secure.  Anyone with a debit or credit card can send money in any amount.  I hope to catch two cats on Thursday, but I only have enough donations remaining to pay for one vet bill at the clinic.  If you’d like to help, please donate.  If I don’t receive any more donations, I shall have to end my feral cat care program soon.  Thank you to all my generous donors for helping me get this far!  Here are more obligatory kitty pics to help stir your heartstrings.  Enjoy!

UPDATE: Nueve, a big black tomcat with a broad head, was my latest customer. Due to a snafu with the second trap, he was the only catch that day. The little chihuahua, Bruno, was found by his family and returned to the clinic to be fixed. Nueve was successfully fixed and released the following day. I will be trying again next week in hopes of catching the third kitten and her mother, after which I will be suspending my cat project until further notice (or donations). Thank you to all my generous donors! This had been an awesome experience for me! Metta!

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