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Surprise Seis

January 31, 2013
Seis. Photo by Monica.

Seis. Photo by Monica.

This week I caught three feral cats.  One of them was Tres, so I immediately let her go.  Then I caught Cinco and Seis.  Cinco was a wild black, fully as feral as all her predecessors.  Seis, however, is another story.  He is a very mellow boy.  After watching him calmly sit in the recovery kennel well after the drugs must have worn off, I took the risk this morning of opening the door and petting him.  He gave a small token hiss, but otherwise held still as I patted his back and rubbed his nose.

Now I am in a dilemma.  Perhaps he has been adopted by a local family, but he remains an outdoor cat in a dangerous neighborhood, where I see dead cats on the street daily and the ferals I catch are covered in scars.  I don’t want to steal anyone’s buddy.  However, I am certain I can find him a better and safer home.  In the meantime, he needs somewhere better to live than the recovery kennel in my carport.  My cat, Isis, may put up with upstart kittens, but an adult male is an entirely different ball of yowling, flying fur.  In addition to hunting feral cats, I’m also hunting for safe homes.

The kittens, Uno and Dos, have found happy homes.  Dos is already with her new mom and Uno is in foster care until his new dads are ready to take him.  He becomes braver and friendlier every day.  So now there’s Seis.  Please spread the word.  If you know anyone who’d like a nice, mellow, buddy, Seis is the boy for them.  He may need a little patience and love, but in no time flat, I’m sure he’ll make a great friend.

UPDATE – Seis was released on his own recognizance five days later.  I was unable to find an adopter or a suitable foster home.  I continue to see him in the yard at regularly scheduled meal times.

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