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Uno and Dos – My First Feral Cats

January 9, 2013
Meet Uno & Dos, two of the three feral kittens living in my neighbor's junk pile.  They will be available for adoption shortly!

Meet Uno & Dos, two of the three feral kittens living in my neighbor’s junk pile. They will be available for adoption shortly!

Everyone, meet Uno and Dos!  Uno and Dos are the first customers in my feral cat wellness program.  Today at 6:25 am, Uno set paw in my Havahart kitty hotel, quickly followed by the smaller Dos, and they were swiftly whisked to the clinic in Pico River operated by the Spay Neuter Project LA, a wonderful group of folks who help low-income families care for their pets.  I hope Uno and Dos are the first in a line of rotating customers to take advantage of my kitty health services, as well as the free food.  Following their visit to the vet, they will be available for adoption to good homes!

If you’ve been keeping up, you know I’ve been tracking nine adults and three kittens who live near or migrate through my backyard.  You’ll also know, I want to trap, neuter, and return all of them by May.  I have only been able to do this because of the generous support of my friends, coworkers, and strangers on the internet.  To date, I have raised $273.67 through Paypal and $300 in face-to-face donations and pledges, for an astonishing total of $573.67. Thank you Amy, Danny, Vanessa, Terry, John, Eric, De Hong, and Linda!  You are all kind and wonderful souls.

I’ve spent $140 on supplies to for the cats, including the Havahart trap and a kennel for kitty recovery.  Each spay/neuter at the clinic will cost $25, with an extra $15 for vaccinations.  So that should be enough to take care of all my feral cats (assuming no more show up).  Some funds may be used for cat food and to keep my many volunteer drivers in gasoline.  Thanks to Alan, Chris, Anthuan, and Jingjing for offering to shuttle me and my wayward beasts about town. You never fail to be generous with your time and automobiles.

If you would still like to make donations in case I get more customers, you may do so by sending funds to via Paypal.  If possible, I may trap at other locations in my neighborhood later this spring. I will continue to trap as long as I live in El Monte and as long as I have donations left (perhaps longer!). Any funds leftover in May will be donated to SNPLA, a non-profit, to support their continued operations.  Thank you everyone for your kind support!  Your compassion and generosity are greatly appreciated by both me and, in the long run, by the currently ungrateful beasts.

UPDATE 1/10: Uno and Dos are home safe and sound in their recovery kennel.  They are very cute.  They growl and hiss, but reluctantly allow me to pet them without making any aggressive moves.  Their vet bills were a little higher than predicted, about $90 each.  They both had worms and needed flea treatments (the fleas cause the worms).  I am therefore including the cost of deworming medicine for all the feral cats (but not flea treatment, because that doesn’t last very long anyway).  It’s an extra $25.  Therefore, if you’d like to spread the word in order to generate some additional donations, that would be lovely.  Better photos of the two are forthcoming along with stories.

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  1. Khim Berling permalink
    January 9, 2013 4:55 pm

    Monica…my mom and I will spread the word about the kitties. My mom has 1 trap you can borrow. I will be back at school later in the week and bring it. :)


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