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Monica’s Prayer to Save the Kittens (Please Help!)

December 28, 2012
I have three kittens who look like this, but I can't catch.  Can you help?

I have three stray kittens who look just like this, but I can’t catch them. Can you help?

Dear Internet,

I have this problem I wonder if you might help me with please?  There are these cats who live in my neighbor’s junk pile.  They play in my backyard.  They’re very cute and no trouble at all, but they keep having kittens.  Right now there are three little white, Siamese kittens with blue eyes.  I feel sorry for them, to be out in the cold and the heat, so I feed them.  They seem to like that.  They come when I whistle.  The other day, they were so hungry, they bumped into each other.  I could hear their little heads crack all the way across the yard.  Then the one turned and bumped into a tree stump.  Ouch!  It was like the three stooges with kittens.  It didn’t seem to bother them much, thankfully.  They’re getting bigger very day.

But the neighborhood is full of strays, both dogs and cats, and the streets are busy with traffic.  I see dead animals on the street every day as I ride my bicycle to school.  And sometimes their mothers just aren’t very good. Early this spring I rescued four day-old kittens who’d been abandoned.  I kept them in a box with a radiant heater and fed them kitten formula every two hours for three days (even in the middle of the night!).  A lady who rescues kittens took them after that. Their mother (I think), the black cat, later had another litter, but I only ever saw one that lived big enough to come out of the junk pile.  I fed them for a week.  It looked sick and wobbly, but I still couldn’t catch it.   The next morning, I found it dead in our carport.  I said mantras over the little, stiff body.  Now the Siamese mother has these three kittens.  She seems to be a better mother.  The black cat is still coming around and I’m sure she’ll be pregnant soon if she isn’t already.  There’s a brown and white tom cat, and several other females, a black and white, an orange and white, and a tabby with a white belly.

I’d like to trap them and take them to a vet so they can be spayed, neutered, and vaccinated.  They’re all feral, so they couldn’t be adopted.  I’ll bring them back to the yard and they can keep living as they have been, but without making more sad kittens.  Of course, this will cost money.  So, Internet, I’m hoping you could help me.  Could you tell people about my cats?  Could you please ask them to donate a little money?  Just $1 or $5 or $20?  I’m sure if a lot of people help, then we can find a nice veterinarian who will do a good job.  There are several within walking distance of my house.  Could you please tell them to go to Paypal and send money to with the notation “Cats?”  It’s really easy to do.  I would really appreciate it, Internet.  Thanks!

But then there’s the three kittens.  If I can catch them soon, maybe they can be adopted.  They’re old enough to eat cat food, and boy do they gobble it down!  But they’re still young enough that maybe if someone is kind and patient, they could become good friends someday.  Please, Internet, could you ask if anyone would like a cute new friend?

I’ve contacted several rescue groups to ask if I can borrow some traps.  They haven’t called me back so I may need to buy one of my own.  I think I’ll also need a large cage, where they can stay safely while they’re recovering from surgery.  Internet, can you ask if anyone has one I could borrow?  Maybe someone has a large dog and they’ll let me borrow their crate for a couple of months?  I think it will take at least that long to catch all of the cats and kittens.

Please, Internet, help me raise money to save these kittens and the other cats that live in the junk pile.  I would really appreciate it!  Thanks so much!


Monica, the Dharma Cowgirl

PS – Remember to tell them to go to Paypal and send money to with the notation “Cats.”  And please ask them to share this request with their friends. Please?

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  1. Alan permalink
    December 29, 2012 8:07 pm

    I’m staying far away from the kitties otherwise I’ll end up taking one home.


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