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Seeking Contributors

May 31, 2011

'Writing Like the Wind' by snigl3t via

As you all may know, Dharma Cowgirl is at this time a one woman show.  I am seeking both regular and guest contributors.  I would like to thank those folks who have allowed their voices to be heard here already.  However, there are two very good reasons for adding to the author rolls. 1) Everyone’s journey is different.  The more voices represented here, the more helpful this blog can be.  As in biology and democracy, diversity is a good thing.  2) I am selfish.  I greatly enjoyed my time at the paper as an editor and I want that feeling back.  I enjoyed working with other writers.  It challenged me to grow and learn.  I like a challenge.

So if you write, if you’re a Buddhist, a cowboy/girl (metaphorical or literal), or any other kind of spiritual seeker, please consider writing for Dharma Cowgirl.  Even if you’ve never written ‘in public’ before, drop me a line.  Everyone starts somewhere.  I started with an itty-bitty little blog, got mentioned in the New York Times, worked my way up to a college newspaper, and am once again the sole author for another itty-bitty blog.  So really, I haven’t gone anywhere, but I’ve learned a lot getting here.  If you want to share the journey, please email me at  To all my buddhoblogosphere friends, please spread the word!

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